SlashGear Week in Review – Week 17 2010

Shane McGlaun - May 9, 2010
SlashGear Week in Review – Week 17 2010

Another week come and gone, check out the latest Week in Review! Early this week we learned that there was an antitrust inquiry brewing with Apple at the center. The inquiry has to do with the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK and Adobe is said to be behind it.

The iPad is doing very well since it launched and so far Apple reports that it has sold a million of the devices since opening day. Apple also said that over 1.5 million iBooks have been sold. RIM is rumored to have a tablet of its own coming next year called the BlackPad. The tablet is said to have the full Blackberry OS.

NVIDIA has a new Fermi GPU inbound called the GTX 460 that is set to land in June with mainstream versions coming after. Expectations for the mainstream versions of the cards are in the $180 and $100 range. TomTom has unveiled some cool Star Wars voices for its GPS units. The first out of the box is Darth Vader with other voices coming over the summer including Han, Yoda, and C-3PO.

Early in the week we reviewed the iPad WiFi + 3G tablet. Vince says that the 3G version of the iPad soundly beats the iPhone 3GS capabilities and those of Sprint and Verizon 3G networks. Epson offered up a new AIO printer this week that is under a $100 and has 802.11n wireless printing. The printer is called the Stylus NX420 and it sells for $99.99.

We reviewed the Spring Design Alex eReader this week. The device is cool, be we think it is overpriced compared to similar offerings available like the Kindle and nook. The mystery around the HP slate tablet is getting deeper with new word mid-week that the rig was on hold. We are still wondering if we will see it turn up with WebOS now that Palm is part of the HP family.

The ClamCase for the iPad turned up this week and it is cool. The case takes your iPad and puts it into a case with a Bluetooth keyboard turning it into a netbook. Some German researchers developed a new robot called LOLA that can walk around on its own and avoid obstacles. The bot has a pair of HD webcams for eyes.

The iPhone OS 4.0 SDK has shown that the new device will record 720p HD video. The device is widely expected to land this summer, but only time will tell if the thing really lands. We learned Friday that the Archos 7 Home Tablet will ship on May 17. The device can pre-ordered for $200 on Amazon now.

Apple’s WWDC 2010 sold out in only a week. WWDC 10 will be the place the new iPhone is unveiled if the device is actually coming this year and most rumors point to it showing up this summer. Friday I found some of the coolest lamps in the history of lamps made by a dude named Jason Dietz. The lamps have water inside and look like UFO’s trying to beam a cow out of a pasture.

Fujitsu Laboratories showed off its new color e-paper display Friday. The new screen claims to be the highest quality e-paper display on the market. Thanks for reading this week edition, see you next week.

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