DIY UFO lamps are the most awesome lamps ever

Shane McGlaun - May 7, 2010
DIY UFO lamps are the most awesome lamps ever

I have seen some cool lamps over the years. There are lava lamps and all manner of commercial UFO themed lamps that you can buy made from paper and other materials. I had a lamp that looked like a Dallas Cowboys helmet when I was a kid that I thought was awesome. None of the lamps I have seen compare to these UFO lamps that Jason Dietz has made.

The lamps are 5-feet 5-inches tall and made out of recycled glass tubes. The lamps also have light diffusers and acrylic rings with ten gallons of water inside and a wealth of LEDs, CFLs, and halogen light bulbs. The bubbles in the water are created by a 20-gallon air pump like the type you find in a big aquarium.

The result is the most awesome lamp to ever be awesome. The UFO at the top looks like it’s shooting down a tractor beam to brink a little plastic cow up for mutilating. I can’t imagine how long these things took to build, check out the video below that is sadly missing a how to for making your own. I want one of these!

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