ClamCase for iPad: because you really want a netbook [Video]

ClamCase seem determined to reignite arguments over whether iPad buyers should "just buy a netbook instead", with their keyboard-toting docking system turning the Apple tablet into an ultraportable notebook of sorts.  The ClamCase actually does more than just give you a physical keyboard to type on, though; they're also billing it as a case to protect the iPad and a stand to prop it up for media playback.Video demo after the cut

Now, I haven't been shy about suggesting some fleet-footed manufacturer could probably corner the market with an HP tc1100-style rotating keyboard accessory for the iPad, and it looks like that's what ClamCase are offering.  Still, these are only renders right now, so we'll have to wait and see whether the real thing is so slick.

Connectivity is via Bluetooth (which means you could also use it as the keyboard for your HTPC, if you didn't mind having a big flapping iPad-holder section too) but it remains to be seen how long battery life might be.  Hopefully they're designing it so you can charge both the iPad and the ClamCase simultaneously with a single connection.  Pricing and launch dates both unknown.

[via LaptopMemo]