LOLA Fembot is perfect partner for Hector from Saturn 3

If you are a fan of 80's sci-fi flicks you probably saw the horror sci-fi film Saturn 3 with the creepy doctor and his murderous robot Hector that gallivanted around knocking off people whilst looking for Farrah Fawcett. That movie is responsible for my unnatural fear of humanoid robots.

A gaggle of German scientists has created the prefect girl for Hector called LOLA. The bot is called a female, though it's mostly just a metal skeleton with a jumble of wires. The good news if this robot gets a hankering to kill blonds is that it walks very slowly today. Eventually the scientists plan to increase its walking speed to 5km/h, which is the average walking speed of a human.

The bot stands 180cm tall, weighs 60kg, and has 25 joints. It has a pair of 5MP webcams for eyes and can walk around on its own volition. The bot has no internal power source and is powered by the cable you see hanging from the ceiling in the video below. That will make it easier to disconnect the bot in the event it goes on a killing spree. The thing looks creepy shuffling around the enclosure.