Fujitsu Laboratories shows off color e-paper display

Shane McGlaun - May 7, 2010
Fujitsu Laboratories shows off color e-paper display

Fujitsu Laboratories has announced a new color e-paper display that has what Fujitsu claims to be the world’s highest color image quality. Fujitsu was able to develop the color e-paper display by redesigning the panel structure and image rewrite methods used in previous versions of color e-paper from the company.

Other than having the best color image quality in the e-paper realm, the new Fujitsu screen also boasts a 7:1 contrast ratio, which is a three times improvement compared to the previous version of the tech. The screen also has an image rewrite speed that is twice as fast as the rewrite speed on previous versions of the screen at 0.7 seconds.

Fujitsu will be showing off the new screen at its Japanese Fujitsu Forum 2010. A color screen for e-paper is a very cool invention and will make e-readers much more popular, but I think this would have been better if it landed on the market ahead of the iPad and similar tablets. The colors in the Fujitsu screen still seem very washed out to my eyes.

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