SlashGear Week in Review – Week 10 2010

Shane McGlaun - Mar 14, 2010
SlashGear Week in Review – Week 10 2010

Hello geeks and geekettes and welcome to the latest SlashGear Week in Review! Early this week we saw the iTable. I reckon that the iTable is sort of like an iPad, with legs, that can hold your beer and pizza while you play Farmville. If Professor X lived in the world of Bioshock, this steampunk power wheel chair would be his ride. The thing even dispenses your adult beverages after piping the booze through an ice chiller.

The Wall Street Journal announced this week that Panasonic will cut the price of its 3D TVs by 50% compared to Japanese pricing when they venture into the US. The reason given for the price cut is to encourage adoption of the tech. Chris posted up a review of the HTC Legend early in the week and found the device to be impressive, but expects it to lose some luster when the Desire lands.

Spring Design has announced that the Alex eReader will launch in early spring. I guess a spring launch for the Spring reader is fitting. Nokia has filed for a patent on some very cool battery tech. The patent outlines a mobile phone battery that generates its own power from movement of the user.

Asus debuted a new Eee netbook this week called the 1005PR. The machine crams in a Broadcom HD video decoder, 250GB of storage and more. MSI slipped a new model into its X-Slime range Tuesday called the X360. The thin machine has a 13-inch screen and uses a Core i5-520m CPU.

Intel announced that it was working on a new dual-core Atom processor for netbooks. I am sure Intel is feeling a bit of pressure now since AMD is set to offer its own netbook processor. I ran across a new guitar concept early in the week that has no strings, but uses vibration to make it feel like you are using strings.

Sceptre unveiled a 24-inch TV/PC LCD this week that was clad in shiny chrome. The set has full 1080p resolution and a gob of connectivity features. The coolest thing I saw this week was called the Casttoo. It’s a cast cover that you can order with a picture of your actual x-ray on it.

Samsung finally offered up pricing and a ship date on its R1 and R0 PMPs for the US. The things will ship in April with the R0 starting at $99.99 and the R1 at $149.99. Sony has officially launched the PlayStation Move motion controller. The system will be available in the fall and reminds me a lot of the Wii controller system.

A cool electric bike concept showed up this week that has a carbon fiber frame used to conduct electricity for the electric motors rather than wire. The concept looked awesome to boot. Panasonic announced Thursday that its 3D Home Theater system could be purchased in Best Buy Magnolia stores. The system includes a 3D Blu-ray player and a 50-inch 3D plasma TV for $2,899.

OCZ got low with SSD pricing late in the week when it dropped the Onyx SSD at under $100 for 32GB of storage. Ludacris would approve. The Fusion Garage Joo Joo has landed at the FCC. The little beast has an Atom N270 and NVIDIA ION graphics among other nice features.

One of the coolest games in the arcade back in the day was OutRun. We found go-cart attached to an OutRun game that simulates the road and lets you really crash. Lenovo offered up a bevy of new all-in-one machines late in the week. The new systems included the L2261 Wide and L2361p Wide along with the L2461x Wide all sporting 1080p resolution.

A company called Novothink debuted a new solar charger with versions for the iPhone and for the iPod touch late in the week. The chargers are called the Solar Surge and have internal rechargeable batteries along with a rear solar panel. Thanks for reading this week’s edition of the Week in Review!

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