Guitar concept has no strings but fingers don't know

I received a guitar for Christmas when I was from my parents and then they sent me to lessons to learn to play the thing. That was all fine and good until I realized you had to practice a lot and I lost interest, plus I kept breaking the strings and losing picks. The one thing that most guitars have in common is strings. A concept guitar at Yanko Design has no strings and isn't intended for playing Rock Band.

The concept is a MIDI instrument for digital musicians that can replicate the sound of any guitar setup. The pickups and frets on the guitar are digital inputs and the neck is touch sensitive. One thing that you lose with a guitar lacking strings is the feel of the strings vibrating.

The designer says that the concept uses piezo-electric actuators to emulate vibrations corresponding to the played note. That means in a nutshell that the guitar offers faux sting vibrations so you feel like you are playing with strings.