Carbon fiber electric bike uses frame instead of wires to conduct power

In some urban areas where there are lots of cars and people the fastest way to get around is often a bike or walking. In more spread out rural areas riding a bike to work can mean a trek of many miles. A cool new bike concept with a carbon fiber frame and electric power has turned up that makes getting where you need to go cool and green.

According to the designer, the carbon fiber frame is conductive and would be used to conduct the electric power rather than wires. The concept has electric motors between the dual-rims in front and back of the bike.

The concept also uses regenerative braking to generate power for the battery that drives a counterturning axle rather than gears or chains like most bikes use. This concept is a bit farther along than some we have seen, the creator already has a prototype built and in testing. I wonder how the bike protects the rider from the power sent through the frame.