OCZ Onyx series SSD offers under $100 price tag

OCZ is a company that many of us are familiar with and the firm made its name in the enthusiast computer industry with some nice RAM. The company also offers a full line of other flash products like flash drives and SSDs such as the limited edition Vertex drive I talked about a few weeks back. OCZ has revealed one of the cheapest SSDs on the market with the first offering in its Onyx SSD series.

The first Onyx SSD has 32GB of MLC NAND for storage. That's not enough space for most of us to use the SSD only, but the thing will make for a nice boot drive for an enthusiast machine. The best thing about the 32GB Onyx SSD is the price. The little SSD sells for under $100.

For that much money you get read performance of up to 125MB/s and write performance of up to 70MB/s. The SSD has 64MB of onboard cache and is rated for 1.5 million hours MTBF. The drive works for both desktop and notebook machines.