Panasonic to cut 3D TV prices by 50% in the US to push adoption

We have already heard the details of some of the Panasonic line of 3D TVs between CES and other announcements. Panasonic has offered up more details of its 3D TV push that is ready to start this year with the Wall Street Journal reporting that Panasonic will offer US consumers big discounts on its sets to push adoption.

The WSJ reports that Panasonic will discount its 3D TVs as much as 50% in the US compared to Japanese pricing when the sets land in Best Buy stores in America. Panasonic's current fiscal year ends on March 31, and the electronics giant is looking to sell a million 3D TVs with half that amount in the US alone by that date.

Panasonic sets will be placed in only the largest Best Buy stores to start with TVs being offered in all 1,000 Best Buy locations at a later date. Panasonic's 50-inch 3D model is expected to sell for about $2,500 in the US compared to about $4800 in Japan for the same model.