Panasonic full HD 3D home theater system in Best Buy Magnolia stores now

I have been anxiously waiting for 3D home theater gear to hit the market in force. I'm not planning to upgrade any time soon, I figure in six months or so the equipment will be much better and cheaper as well. If you have your credit card in hand and want a 3D home theater right now Panasonic has announced that its 3D home theater is now available in select Best Buy Magnolia stores exclusively.

If your local Best Buy happens to be a Magnolia store carrying the Panasonic gear you can buy the full HD 3D Panasonic system today for $2,899.99. Two components make up the system with the most expensive piece being the 50-inch Panasonic VIERA VT20 3D plasma TV for $2,499.95.

The other component is the Panasonic BDT300 3D Blu-ray disc player costing $399.95. The TV includes one pair of 3D glasses and if you need extra active shutter glasses from Panasonic they will cost you $149.95 per set. The rub is that right now there is no 3D content for you to watch and probably won't be until later this summer.