iTable is like a giant iPad that your can sit your beer on

I really like my iPhone; mostly I use it to play games. The idea of the iPad mostly as a portable game platform is appealing to me. My wife wants one so she can sit on the couch watching her chick shows and still surf the web without having to fight the larger notebook she has. If you like the idea of the iPad, but want something even larger in the living room the iTable may be perfect.

The iTable is from PQ Labs and is a coffee table that has a 42-inch multitouch display in the surface. Inside the table is a computer to run the big screen, but the exact PC specs are not offered. The table is only 1.5-inches thick and can run all sorts of multitouch applications and programs.

The screen can accept up to 32 fingers on it at once. Input is also accepted via other devices like a stylus, gloved hand, pen, bottle, cup, or other items. The iTable is cool, but being designed for the living room I hope the thing is waterproof and can withstand the heat from a fresh pizza sitting on the top or it wouldn't survive fight night at my house. The business version will ship in Q2 at unspecified price and a cheaper consumer version is set to ship later this year.