SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: September 21, 2012

Hey folks, we had another exciting night and early morning of news here at SlashGear so below you can find a quick wrap up of everything that mattered to us. I'm sure you're all happy that today is friday, but there's one more reason to cheer. It's iPhone 5 day! Officially. Today the lines are slowly moving along as the masses get their new iPhone 5. Did you get one? Don't forget to enjoy our iPhone 5 Review.

Hopefully everyone will be able to find their way home, given the iOS 6 maps debacle. Apple's new Map app has been causing a bit of a stir the past few days. Then last night Nokia took the opportunity to take a few shots at Apple regarding the problem, then Apple issued their own statement. By officially saying Maps was "just getting started," to forgive the occasional (or frequent) mistake as they continue to work on their Maps. Not to worry though, the lines are still massive across the globe. Then we'll leave you with one more bit of Apple goodness, with the official iFixit iPhone 5 teardown — showing its juicy LTE innards.

Now on to other news. Looxcie's new HD cam can stream live HD video, which should be hitting the market soon. Then in NYC Nissan got the thumbs up to be the exclusive taxi vehicle — so expect to see more of them in the future. Speaking of future, are Aliens coming? Curiosity Rover found pyramid-shaped rocks on Mars. Aliens...

And for the last bit of news, it appears that BlackBerry has been having a bit of an outage across 3 continents. Certainly not the best day to have an outage, the day all their owners are envious of the iPhone 5. RIM's CEO then said only 6% of users experienced the problem. That's quite a bit of people in the grand scheme of things. Finally, Verizon is now sending out the other latest and greatest mobile OS, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to their Galaxy Nexus users. So enjoy that buttery smooth Android folks.