SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: March 6, 2012

This morning we're getting geared up for the iPad HD reveal — what's that you say? It's still over 24 hours away? It certainly seems like it's falling down directly upon our heads with all the information being jammed out from so-called sources close to the matter and such, so it'll be a blessing upon our hearts when the actual device is revealed at tomorrow's iPad 3 event. We'll be there live, if you did not know already, and you can catch all the liveblog action at at 10AM PST sharp! Meanwhile let's talk about that product some more – first with the iPad HD "confirmation" then with the iPad mini 7.1-inch unit – guess which one is more likely to be real.

We've had more than a couple fun reviews pop up over the past couple days that you should be aware of, one of them bringing the sweet sounds of music to your ears with Bob Marley inspired looks and vision: House of Marley Redemption Song on-ear headphones. Then there's the tiny but tough Samsung Rugby Smart as well as the greatest and latest tablet from the big S: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE carried by Verizon.

In gaming news you're going to want to hop on board with split-screen Minecraft for Xbox as well as Mass Effect 2 to 3 saving news – no cloud for you! Get some Smart TV info from Samsung's 2012 range announcement as well as Toshiba's ZL2 Quad HD – more of a glasses-free 3D situation.

For computing there's a lovely new Acer V3 notebook range coming out soon while the Gigabyte P2542G gaming notebook hits quadcore i7 under the hood for ultimate supremacy. Those same folks at Gigabyte are bringing two new ultrabooks to the streets in cool aluminum. HP is bringing some fire with some workstations also, showing an updated Z-series with 512GB of RAM – that's hot.

Then the long arm of the law is descending upon us all once again, this time with Google and Motorola spilling the beans to Apple on their development and patents as required by the judge.