SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: July 17, 2012

This morning we've got a hot tip on the next generation of Google's Nexus lineup – it's a laptop-tablet hybrid and you're gonna love it. Microsoft has found a total of 28 million PCs affected by a browser choice coding error in which, believe it or not, users were not presented with a choice of which web browser they would like to use right out of the box. There may well be video chat fees at AT&T when the iPhone's iOS 6 rolls out. You'll find that Sonos has been updated with a tablet UI for Android and a Retina upgrade in graphics for the iPad.

Skype has patched the bug that they've been talking about for a bit over 24 hours. Barnes and Noble have released a new program called NOOK for Web made for those of you that wish to browse before you buy. There's been a bit of a leak on several new units from Panasonic – the G5, LX7, and FZ200.

The folks at NXP are setting up to bring Semiconductors that will boost smartphone speakers by five times their current power. There's now a free game from NASA out there for you Xbox 360 users, Mars Rover Landing for Kinect is its name. You'll find several new members of the International Space Station today as we reach this historical landmark anniversary. The 2013 Honda Fit has been revealed.

Valve is preparing Steam for Linux while the Google Nexus 7 Android tablet is getting a bit of OnLive Universal Controller support very soon. Samsung has acquired CSR for technologies and patents for $310 million dollars. The developer outreach chief until recently assigned to Gmail has been pushed to Google Glass instead. You'll also find that there's a strange situation going on in France – the father of wearable computing has been assaulted at a McDonalds – and his glasses have been damaged!