Sonos Android Controller updated with tablet UI

Sonos Controller for iPad isn't the only app from the multi-room audio company to get an upgrade today, with the Android version of the software tweaked to suit tablets. We spotted Sonos' new iPad app earlier today, complete with Retina Display graphics; the iPhone app has also been updated to suit the smartphone's Retina panel. Now, though, Android tablets can join in on the Sonos Controller fun.

The Android version of the Controller app has been updated to suit 7- and 10-inch tablet screens. The UI has been spread out to make better use of the screen real-estate on offer, and there's a new landscape mode for tablets that shows both room and music selection on-screen simultaneously.

Album art has also been increased in size. On the iPad and iPhone apps, meanwhile, the physical volume buttons on the side of each iOS gadget have been co-opted to control volume of the Sonos system, as long as the Controller app is running in the foreground.

You can download the Android Sonos Controller app here and the iOS app here.