Nexus 7 OnLive Universal Controller support coming

If you're gamer who has a Google Nexus 7 tablet or plans to purchase one, you will want to keep an ear out for future developments on this tidbit. OnLive support has confirmed that the cloud-based gaming company is working on OnLive Universal Controller support for the new Google Nexus 7. Support for OnLive and a real video game controller for the tablet would make mobile gaming much more enjoyable.

When asked about support for the Nexus 7, OnLive online support replied, "We don't have support out for it yet, but we hope to shortly." There is no specific date for Nexus 7 support offered, but considering that the tablet has a lot of buzz, I would imagine OnLive is working hard right now. The Universal Controller sells for $50 and connects to Android tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

OnLive has been around for a while now and is a streaming video game service that streams games over a Wi-Fi connection at quality comparable to that found on modern consoles and computers. Perhaps the best thing is that the games offered are actual PC versions, not mobile versions with watered-down controls and graphics. Another cool thing about OnLive is that one account will let you play on your computer, tablet, and other devices.

[via Gottabemobile]