Google Glass grabs developer outreach chief from Gmail

Google's Glass wearable division has poached itself a new Community Manager, with former Gmail community lead Sarah Price jumping from email to augmented reality. Price's new role, confirmed on Google+, will see her engage with bleeding-edge Glass developers, who stand to get their hands on the first Explorer Edition in early 2013, as Google attempts to encourage coders to come up with apps suitable for a wearable display.

The Google Glass Explorer Edition went up for sale at Google IO, priced at a hefty $1,500 apiece. Deliveries won't begin until the beginning of next year, however, with a consumer version expected to drop within twelve months of that happening.

Exact details on Price's new responsibilities haven't been given, but the new community lead is already fielding questions from keen developers, particularly on Explorer Edition availability outside of the US. Asked whether Google will be accepting international pre-orders any time soon, Price would only confirm that Google is looking into it.

"There are a lot of developers inside of the US who want to get their hands on a pair, too" Price told one developer. "Right now we are still working with the appropriate regulatory bodies, and we aren't ready to send Glass outside of the US."

Price is also coy on Glass' specific technical specifications, though recently published patent application documents suggest that Google is planning a broad range of control and interaction systems that includes touch, voice commands and more. However, Glass could also integrate some degree of AI, similar to Google Now, using context to automatically offer up information the system believes is more relevant to the current circumstances.