Google Glass Explorer Edition ships 2013 for $1,500

Google has finally revealed what it will take to get your hands on a functional version of Google Glass, but it's not as easy as you think. First, you need to be an attendee at Google I/O: if you're not there, you won't be able to pre-order the glasses. Second, the price is going be a whopping $1,500 for the Explorer Edition.

Yes, you read that right. $1,500. Not only that, but you won't be getting your hands on the glasses until early next year. The Explorer Edition that will be sent out is said to be a very rough version of the project designed for testing and developing, with Google appreciating any feedback sent its way.

Clearly this is still a work in progress, and while it's great that Google is giving some the opportunity to try it out, we imagine there won't exactly be a stampede at the registration line. Still, we can all look forward to more in-depth Glass details early next year.