SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: January 20 2011

First, watch your ports! Turns out there's a way for people to hack the crap out of your computer just by attaching their Android to it. Next take a ride on the confirmation train with both T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G and Vibrant 4G, and take a peek at some possible specs on the Samsung's Galaxy S2, too. Here on SlashGear take a peek at the lovely brand new Jawbone ERA in a high-res review. Next go ahead and take that big jump with Google Voice as they introduce mobile number porting. Remember when LoveFilm bought Amazon Europe's DVD rental service? Now Amazon is buying LoveFilm – how about that? Remember how big A likes to add features to their OS? It seems as though iPhone iOS 4.3 has multitouch gestures – oh and iPad 2? February 9, perhaps. All this and MORE on SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up.

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The Samsung Star II Improved with Social Networking Integration

HTC Thunderbolt Exclusivity Given to Best Buy in Exchange Not Selling Verizon iPhone 4

Nokia X7 Arrival to AT&T Has Been Canceled

Android Community

LG Optimus 2X Now Available for Pre-Order in Europe

T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G "coming soon": Vibrant 4G confirmed

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G rumors resurface with HSPA+ twist [Update: Confirmed!]

Samsung's Galaxy S2 to have dual-core Orion CPU, 8MP camera, NFC & more?

Dell Streak 7 to be $330 from T-Mobile USA?

Android exploit turns smartphone into USB security hole

Sony Ericsson's Hallon/Vivaz 2 gets previewed and adored

7-inch HTC Flyer slate due in US come March, with two more tablets in June?

HTC Gratia UK launch confirmed for February 2011


iPhone iOS 4.3 multitouch gestures get video demo

T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G confirmed: HSPA+ model "coming soon"

Eric Schmidt: Google pushing LTE, mobile money & cheap smartphones in 2011

Nintendo 3DS UK wholesale price reveals 1/3 markup

AGC Dragontrail takes on Gorilla Glass for toughened crown

Android Sidekick 4G rumored for T-Mobile HSPA+ [Update: Confirmed!]

LaCie Galet by Christofle is just in time for a geeky Valentine's

Nokia N9 now packing 1.2GHz Intel Atom for MWC 2011 reveal?

BMW 1-Series gets Nokia C7 remote-control [Video]

Samsung Galaxy S2 packs 8MP camera & dual-core Orion CPU tips insider

Jawbone ERA [REVIEW]

T-Mobile Dell Streak 7 tipped at $330 by fine-print

USB smartphone exploit turns Android into an invader

Samsung's Liquavista buy-out official: color video e-paper and more in pipeline

Facebook for Feature Phones launched with free data on certain carriers

Boxee Box gets VUDU streaming; Netflix later in January

iPad 2 FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth support spotted

AT&T Nokia X7 cancelled: Mediocre carrier support blamed

Google Voice mobile number porting trialled ahead of "near future" full launch

Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 (aka Hallon) gets pre-announce preview

Amazon buys LoveFilm for European postal/streaming media

HTC Flyer 7-inch tablet due March, plus two slates in June?

HTC 7 Pro and HTC Gratia hit UK in February 2011

iPad 2 unveil February 9 tips iOS 4.3 screenshot speculation

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