LaCie Galet by Christofle is just in time for a geeky Valentine's

We're not entirely sure why you'd want a hand-crafted, silver-plated 4GB memory key in the shape of a pebble, but perhaps Valentine's 2011 is geek-themed and nobody bothered faxing to let us know. LaCie's latest design partnership is with Christofle, the end result being the Galet USB Key.

The French-finished memory disc comes in a "charming gift box" and LaCie reckons it's ideal for wearing around the neck on a chain; we'd also suggest replacing your boring old pocket-watch with one, or perhaps wearing it as a less-useful monocle. The LaCie Galet is available now, priced at £94.99 ($152).

Press Release:

Christofle and LaCie Reveal Luxury for Every Day: Galet USB Key

• Imagined by Christofle

• Assembled and silvered in France

• 4GB of storage

London, UK (20th January 2011) – Today, two distinguished brands, Christofle and LaCie, introduce an elegant object for your digital belongings – Galet, design by Christofle. With its beautiful pebble shape and magnificent silver-plating, the Galet is a conversation piece that proves beauty and functionality can easily co-exist in our daily lives.

Changing the definition

The Galet is a new way of thinking about personal technology. Like a designer watch or a luxury pen, the Galet is an essential accessory.

Hand-crafted in France, each piece is individually plated with precious silver through Christofle's 150 year-old silvering process. Then it is carefully inspected for a smooth finish and radiant polish, which guarantees its excellence. The Galet is assembled and hand-packed in a charming gift box at LaCie's factory in Paris, ensuring each Galet represents the finest presentation and quality. Once the process is complete, the result is a timeless gift that will bring convenience and luxury to one's daily life.

Mobility made chic

The Galet is a collector of photo and music memories. It is a beautifully simple USB solution to keep your cherished files close and accessible. The Galet's pebble shape easily fits into your life – in your pocket, on your key chain, or even around your neck – so you can take it with you wherever you go.

"The spirit and philosophies of Christofle and its luxury brand, combined with the technical expertise of LaCie, have come together to transform a universal technology into an object that is as beautiful and simple a treasured piece of jewellery," said Luc Pierart, Business Unit Manager, Consumer Peripherals, LaCie "Each time you open it, its mystery is revealed – an elegant USB key."


The Galet comes in 4GB and includes LaCie's Private-Public software with password protection. The Galet is available for £94.99 in Christofle boutiques worldwide, as well as the LaCie Online Store. For more product information, visit