Nintendo 3DS UK wholesale price reveals 1/3 markup

Nintendo Europe weren't quite as forthcoming with pricing for the new 3DS as their US counterparts, only saying that the cost for the 3D-capable console would be set by retailers. However, one of those retailers has spilt the beans on just what they're paying, telling GamesRadar that the UK 3DS wholesale price is £173 ($277).

Given the street price for UK Nintendo 3DS pre-orders has settled at around £229.99 ($368) – versus the confirmed $249.99 in the US – that's a roughly one-third markup on the new console. Now, obviously we're expecting retailers to make some profit, but given the significant difference between European and US pricing, we can't imagine gamers will be too happy when they realise quite what that amounts to.

Meanwhile, 3DS games themselves look to be on the expensive side as well, coming in at $39.99 and $49.99 in the US and €49.95 to €59.95 in Europe. Don't forget to let us know whether you're planning on picking up a 3DS in our poll!

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