Retailers Shed Some Light on Nintendo 3DS Game Prices

The Nintendo 3DS is official, now in Japan, the United States, and Europe — with pricing finally uncovered. Nintendo also announced that they will have upwards of 30 games available after the 3D gaming unit's launch, leading up to E3. However, the company is being quite on which titles are actually going to be considered "launch titles." Furthermore, Nintendo isn't opening up on pricing for those titles, either. But, a quick search over videogame retailers may provide a pretty clear answer.

In the United States, both retailers GameStop and Amazon seem to have 3DS titles listed between $39.99 and $49.99. Major videogame retailer Game in the United Kingdom has confirmed on their own side that they believe software will have a standardized price of £39.99, but other UK retailers seem to be contradicting that statement, with some games listing at lower prices of £32.99.

Finally, Joystiq scanned over Amazon France, and found that prices range from €49.95 to €59.95. Obviously Nintendo believes that the 3D technology, and the advanced graphics of the titles available on the 3DS warrant a price increase, but it will remain to be seen whether or not gamers think the same. Anyone still thinking about pre-ordering?

[via Joystiq]