Nintendo 3DS Available for Pre-Order at Amazon

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Nintendo took some time out of their busy day-to-day schedule to announce the company's latest and greatest idea: the Nintendo 3DS. The portable gaming system allows for gamers to play 3D games without having to wear any kind of special glasses, and allows them to connect to other 3DS gamers thanks to the online connectivity. It's set to launch in Europe on March 25th, and in the United States on March 27th. 30 games are set to hit store shelves between the title's launch and the huge gaming expo, E3. If that's good news to you, then maybe you should head over to Amazon, where you can pre-order the unit right now.

There's no special pricing for those who want to pre-order the 3D gaming unit. It will still cost you $249.99. Amazon is limiting the amount you can pre-order though, saying that there can only be one console per household. The digital retailer points out that you'll be able to take 3D photos with the 3DS, and even watch 3D videos. You'll be able to connect to other 3DS gamers in select titles, along with Nintendo's SpotPass and StreetPass.

Now that the 3DS from Nintendo has a launch date and pricing, and now we know which games will be making their way to the mobile gaming unit before too long, who out there is going to drop down the cash to get their hands on it?

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