SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: February 16, 2012

It's a very Mac morning with more updates on the next version of Apple's desktop software than you can possible handle! The next version will be called Apple OS X Mountain Lion and you'll be able to check out our very full guide on it in the post Meet Apple OS X Mountain Lion. Next be sure to check out the brand new Messages for OS X which you can download in beta right this second! Apple is also making some vast privacy changes that could affect 1000s of applications, and Chris Davies has a featured column by the name of Apple Gatekeeper is the Game-Changer – straight from the Mountain Lion's mouth!

You're going to want to see the gaming article by the name of The Smell of Gaming as written by Philip Berne. NVIDIA released their fabulous financial results as well as confirmation that they'll have Tegra 3 quad-core smartphones starting at the end of this month at Mobile World Congress 2012. Speaking of that event, you'll be able to follow all the rumors and tips from the event as well as the event itself through this month with our handy-dandy [MWC 2012] portal! We've already got such gems as the HTC One V Beats Audio phone and the Galaxy Note 10.1 information as well as columns such as the recent HTC: Hero or Bust by Chris Davies – get into it and get prepared!

We've got a gigantic review of the brand new (and also gigantic) Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T!

Next you'll want to check out Facebook's updates including pseudonyms, verified accounts, and Timeline brands. As far as Android goes, it seems that Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is well on the way – coming in Q2 2012! Back on the HTC tip, the group has added a whole new slew of devices to its bootloader unlocking tool. The iPad China situation has escalated somewhat and Fujitzu is preparing a Transformer and iPad rival – good luck guys!