SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: August 3rd, 2012

This morning you'll be glad to know that BioWare is bringing on one whole heck of a lot of details on both Leviathan and Firefight Mass Effect 3 DLC – grab it all! If you're interested in Activision's quarterly report, you'll be jumping right in on Diablo 3 and their massive amount of users in their first full quarter. Have a peek at our quick interview with wearable technology startum mc10 and make your next t-shirt a trackable one! If you're following the Apple vs Samsung case, you'll find that Samsung's evidence bin has been all but smucked out.

If you're a lover of Skyrim: Dawnguard you'll be happy to know that you can now grab it on the PC – PS3 is still missing, on the other hand. Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy Note 2 for release at IFA 2012. There's a massive tablet gush going on and it appears that Apple's iPad might be the default beast to go with – imagine that!

Those all about security in this modern mobile information and cloud age will want to check in on Vigilus security bot – aka the purple triangle of scolding. Sony has had a leak of a couple of new next-generation cameras called NEX-7 Wi-fi and NEX-5R. Tweeters that love Tweetbot will find an update out there today for Mac including multi-column timeline and a more slimline user interface.

Have a peek at a column from yours truly called Windows 8 final build leaks instantly: should we have simply expected it? The folks at NASA are currently investing $1 billion dollars in private space craft companies. The Apple vs Samsung case has the former terrified that iPad and iPhone sales stats will be spilled by the latter.

Lovers of ancient confectionary will be glad to hear that archeologists have discovered traces of 2,500 year old chololate – but we won't be eating it any time soon. We're more than prepped for the Curiosity rover landing on Mars Monday morning – complete with video feed! Microsoft may well be replacing Metro branding with something less exciting. And of course, what morning wrap-up would be complete without some news about The Sims? None, that's the answer.