Tweetbot for Mac adds multi-column timeline and slimline UI

Tweetbot for Mac has been updated, bringing support for multiple columns that can show different feeds, hashtags, searches and even accounts all stacked together like TweetDeck. The new version – v0.6.3, still considered an alpha by Tapbots – also pares back the UI with a new, slimmer look, and better support for Mountain Lion's Notifications system.

There's also a Menu bar icon, flagging up new tweets along with mentions and direct messages, together with the option to publish a new message yourself. Image sharing has been made more flexible, along with URL shortening and video uploads, with the ability to configure your own choice of services.

Released in its first alpha form for OS X last month, Tweetbot for Mac was hotly anticipated after being widely adopted in iOS form. This new update, however, makes it all the more competitive against Twitter app stalwart TweetDeck; clicking the new gear icon in the lower corner allows you to duplicate the current view into its own column, which can be done repeatedly.

Those columns can then be docked together and the whole UI moved as one. Currently a free download, you can get the new alpha version by choosing update in the app itself, or by downloading it here.

[via The Next Web]