The Daily Slash: October 21th 2010

Chris Burns - Oct 21, 2010
The Daily Slash: October 21th 2010

Hello and welcome to a rather aftershock of a day for Apple and an oncoming wave of a day for Windows Phone 7. SlashPhone had a lot of news about release dates and kneecap shredding in anticipation for phones. Dummies and tablets and developer notes galore on Android Community. And SlashGear bringing you everything from game glasses to head lights to holders and docks for all your new fancies.

From Across the Web: One thing that’s so wild, it may well change the world (until the pervs get at it) caused a bit of buzz today: Facelette. It comes right on the heels of FaceTime’s release on desktop machines. This lovely little thing takes FaceTime and clashes it with the lost dream that was Chat Roulette. Maybe this time there’ll be a lot less man parts. Check it out at

Plus, another big bit of news is the HP Slate 500 that we got our hands on! Windows based and although it appears at first to be an iPad rival, we’re told that it’s aiming at a completely different market: an enterprise, business-centric market. Believe it! Take a look at the video presentation by the people who put this tablet together here below, then enjoy the rest of our full-fledged hands on review.

[vms 45135b874349cfbed4fb]

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Samsung Continuum And LG Vortex Coming To Verizon On October 29th
HTC 7 Mozart And Samsung Omnia 7 Available For Orange October 20th
Sony Ericsson Preview Xperia X10 Android 2.1, Ease Your Waiting Pain
iPhone 4 Leaked in CDMA Dressing?

Android Community
Samsung Galaxy Tab Developer Forum Introduced
View Quest 5″ and 8″ Android Tablets Due by Christmas – with video!
HTC Bee and Desire Dummy Units Arrive in Alltel Stores
BuzzCity Releases SDK with In-App Advertising Capabilities for Android
Barnes & Noble May Release a Color NOOK
HTC MyTouch 4G for T-Mobile to Launch with Four Color Options
Verizon 4G Information Sheet Leaks, LTE Blows Sprints 4G Speeds Away

SteelSeries unveils Scope Computer Glasses for Gamers
Nintendo Wii Remote Plus and Mario edition Wii/DSi XL bundles priced & dated for US
Opera Blasts Back with Version 11 Alpha
Trainer Video Game Replaces Child-Only Healthcare
2.5 Million PlayStation 3 MOVE Controllers Sold in First 30 Days
X-Ray Detector Next on Everyone’s Must Have Samsung Want List
Gorillatorch Switchback Headlamp from Joby
Sharp AQUOS BD-AV70 35mm-thick 3D Blu-ray recorder arrives Dec 1
MacBook Pro 15/17 get 2.8GHz Core i7 options
FaceTime Security Hole Easily Fixed
Apple Mac App Store to Sell iWork & iLife 11 Applications Separately
Apple TV jailbreak released with PwnageTool v4.1
Firefox director says Apple is “looking to bypass the web”
AT&T revenues & subscribers up; 5.2m iPhones activated in Q3 2010
11.6″ MacBook Air Torn Down by iFixit
Griffin offers new Cabinet Mount for iPad perfect for the kitchen
ProClip USA outs Droid X specific holders and docks for vehicles
Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac (DEMO)
SlingPlayer gets Windows Phone 7 (Video Demo)
T-Mobile USA HTC HD7 coming Nov 8 for $200 (with Windows Phone 7)
Ergo tablet running Windows 7 surfaces
HP Slate 500 hands-on [Video]
And of course the epic Please Touch This article about how one must review to make a review something from the heart by Philip Berne.

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