Ergo tablet running Windows 7 surfaces

Shane McGlaun - Oct 21, 2010
Ergo tablet running Windows 7 surfaces

An Italian company called Ergo has unveiled a new tablet in the Italian market that runs Windows 7 called the Ergo. This tablet has already been spied in other parts of the world under other names including the WePad, MasterPad and a few more names. What we have here is another rebranding of the same tablet.

However, the Ergo tablet does sport a few custom specifications that Ergo has added that help to set the tablet apart a bit from the doppelgangers other makers are selling. The Ergo has a 2MP webcam rather than the 1.3MP webcam on other versions. The Ergo also sports GPS, an ambient light sensor, and 3G mobile connectivity.

The tablet has the same 11.6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution, and has an Atom N455 processor with 1GB of RAM. Storage is to available 32GB or 64GB SSDs and the tablet has dual USB ports and mini-HDMI output. Runtime on a single charge is said to be five hours. The tablet will hit Italy next month at an undisclosed price.

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