SteelSeries unveils Scope computer glasses for gamers

Shane McGlaun - Oct 21, 2010
SteelSeries unveils Scope computer glasses for gamers

Gunnar Optiks’ computer glasses are not new, the things have been around for a few years now, we got our eyes on them last year to try them out and I have used the glasses before. Gunnar and gaming gear maker SteelSeries have teamed up to offering a SteelSeries specific set of the glasses just for PC gamers called Scope.

The new glasses have a distinctive design that is exclusive to SteelSeries. Like the other glasses, the new Scope from SteelSeries promises to reduce glare, extend peripheral vision with large lenses, sharpen the wearer’s sight, and are lightweight and comfortable. The Scope glasses are offered in regular lenses with just a tint for folks with normal vision and can be had in prescription lenses for those needing vision correction.

The glasses have a yellowing tint that helps reduce glare with the idea being the reduced glare means less eye fatigue. I have used Gunnar branded glasses before and they do actually help reduce eyestrain caused by glare to some extent. They also have a slight magnifying effect on the screen that does take some getting used to in my experience. Pricing and availability are unannounced at this time.

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