Opera Blasts Back with Version 11 Alpha

Chris Burns - Oct 21, 2010
Opera Blasts Back with Version 11 Alpha

Remember the last time you opened Opera? I can’t. Not because I don’t think it’s a good way to surf the web, but because there’s not been any good news about it for at least a couple of days! These internets think in such a way, I’m not alone, and the folks responsible for creating Opera basically know this too. Thus, they’re popping out a new baby: Opera 11. The alpha version of the browser is out today, and you’re free to use it – and it will have Extensions!

Everyone on Windows, Mac and Linux is free to download this new version of Opera today over at the download station at Opera’s house. The Extensions bit should be very similar to extensions workings of browsers we’ve seen before. Opera says developers will be able to create extensions using open standards (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and supported APIs. One button installations and support of injectable JavaScript, callouts, a number of UI items and a basic Tabs and Windows API. Developers are invited to develop and publish extensions on the Opera developer site: Dev Opera.

[Via Opera]

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