11.6" MacBook Air Torn Down by iFixit

With another Apple announcement done and over with, and new hardware showcased, it's about time that iFixit gets their hands on the new toy, and starts tearing it down. And sure enough, they've wasted no time in getting the smaller version of the brand new line-up of MacBook Airs to their work benches, and tearing them down.

We've already kind of seen what the inside of the 11.6-inch MacBook Air looks like, this break down goes a bit more in-depth, as usual. The disassemblers have already begun work on the MacBook Air, but as of the time of this writing they've still got a ways to go before they find all of the information they're looking for. However, as anyone who has followed iFixit in the past, we've already got some interesting details to share.

Firstly, it looks like Apple doesn't want the general consumer to go fiddling inside the case. The whole thing is screwed shut with 5-point Security Torx screws. The MacBook Air's 64GB of flash storage is created from four 16GB Toshiba chips, with a controller chip fastened onto a removable board. As for the Bluetooth/Wifi chip, it's the same one you'll find in the current generation MacBook Pro. It's a short list for now, but stay tuned, as iFixit continues their tear down.

[via iFixit]