Trainer Video Game Replaces Child-Only Healthcare

Chris Burns - Oct 21, 2010
Trainer Video Game Replaces Child-Only Healthcare

So you’re strolling along, thinking about how you can barely afford healthcare for yourself, much less your kids, when you see a headline that reads something like “Obamacare Promises Child-Only Health Insurance Option” and you’re totally pumped up! You love your kids so much you’d definitely rather just cover them than yourself. Right? Not if you’re trying to get covered by Humana. They’ve opted out of this particular form of health insurance coverage. To skirt around requirements presented in the recent health care reform, Humana gratefully offer the use of the video game “Trainer” to those “uninsurable” children with pre-existing health conditions.

This video game Trainer is a Humana bankrolled and branded videogame. Last month it received a $20,000 grand prize in an Apps for Healthy Kids Competition, and at homepage for the USDA, Humana is praised for “generously provid[ing] a gift to fund the development of the [Trainer] game…that will help children and their families live healthier, happier lives. No child is alone on the road to better health.” Truly kind words from a group that I must believe doesn’t know the connection between the lack of coverage and push for the game.

[Via TechDirt]

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