The Daily Slash: November 16 2010

Today we reconfirm the idea that Google Voice for iPhone is a big deal – then argue about it! Apple told the world they'd be changed forever after today, then the Beatles are released on iTunes! We review and/or unbox the following items: SoundFreaq SFQ-01A, Google Voice for iPhone, Samsung Continuum, and Evan's epic week with the HTC HD7 continues with "Software!" Barnes and Noble's Nook Color officially goes on sale, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt's Web 2.0 2010 appearance video is up for multiple views – the Nexus S! Gingerbread! Sweetness! On the business end of things, Samsung Galaxy Tab's production may very well be cut in half due to poor demand, Panasonic is entering the Japanese Smartphone market in 2011, and 1 MILLION Optimus One smartphones have been sold in one month! Oh and the T-Mobile G2 was overclocked to 1.9Ghz like it was no big dealSlashART

Ever wonder how many floppy disks it would take to install your modern day applications on your desktop? What's that? You never used floppy disks to install anything before? You kids. Here's a project that'll make you appreciate this modern age of USB stick installation: "3.5 Inch Poster" is a set of posters displaying color-coded floppy disks with labels displaying which application they're going to be used to install. On each disk is a number, for example "iTunes 8 – Install Disk 17/46" that means it'd take 46 of these hunks of plastic just to install your everyday iTunes 8 update. The other results are thus (and they're approximate: 358 disk for Adobe Photoshop CS4, 1760 disk for the Sims 3, 12 disk for Firefox 3, 36 disk for Firefox Add-ons. Old programs, old disks! Also, looks like Firefox wins! Or loses? These posters will be available for purchase soon via AntrepoShop. Designed by Mehmet Gozetlik in collaboration with Emre Basak.

[Via Mehmet Gozetlik]

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