Google Voice for iPhone Launches

We watched as, a few weeks ago, third party Google Voice applications started landing inside the Walled Garden that is Apple's App Store. While there were murmurings of an ending world, other people rejoiced, and claimed the applications as their own, even with the cost of the app. But, those rumors that Google was working on an official application for the service turned out to be true, and now the application, all official and what not, is finally available.

Google, thanks to their official Google Voice blog, have announced that the application is available now, as long as you're running on iOS 3.1 or later. You'll also need yourself a valid Google Voice account, but that should go without saying. You'll get features like cheap rates for international calls, the ability to display your Google Voice number as your number for Caller ID on other phones, and free text messaging to US-based numbers. Plus more. The app even works with push notifications, thankfully.

The application is available right now, in the US only for starters, and it's a free download. So, hit up the source link for more info, as well as links to get the application for yourself.

[via Google Voice Blog]