Phonekerchief Lets Your Date Know They've Got Your Full Attention

Ever have one of those dates (or playdates) where you're vying for your partner's attention, but they seem to be... oh.. I dunno... distracted by their phone? This sort of thing has been an epidemic ever since the first smartphone was released. Now there's something for you, the nice man or lady, who wants to let their friend or lover know that they're not one of "those people." It's the Phonekerchief, and it's the perfect blend of sassy, ironic, and loveable.

This lovely piece of cloth is about to be put on sale (right in time for you know what) for the ultra cheap price of $15. And guess what? Not only does this cloth block your hands with it's loud lettering, it blocks phone signals to and from your device as it's made of a smart material that does such a thing. Wacky! Wonderful! Go buy it starting November 25th at Uncommon Goods.