The Daily Slash: November 12 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 12, 2010
The Daily Slash: November 12 2010

First of all, everyone who is a Windows Phone 7 developer: watch out. You’re going to want to take a look at this. For everyone else, hooray, what a fun day! Angry Birds is heading to Xbox LIVE arcade, PlayStation Network, and WiiWare, Galaxy Tab Flash turns out to be quite the dish, and Wired shows it’s tatas. Finally, we decide whether Facebook e-mail makes sense or not and we get a DROID PRO in the mail to unbox and put our HANDS ON.

So you know how your dog drinks: by basically lifting water up with his tongue, using his tongue like a sort of ladle. You know how YOU drink: like a fish. But do you know how a cat drinks? Pedro M. Reis and Roman Stocker of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Sunghwan Jung of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Jeffrey M. Aristoff of Princeton know how cats drink. They’ve been on a mission for about three and a half years (not working on this exclusively, but having it on their mind the whole time) to find out how cats drink, Doctor Stocker found inspiration in his cat Cutta Cutta. To do the experiment, this cat-lapping team used a machine that mimics a cat’s tongue with a glass disk at the end of a piston to jam down into the drinkable liquid. Turns out cats use their tongue, curved down at the tip so as to effectively and quickly touch the surface of the liquid, pulling the tongue then upward at high speed to draw a column of liquid upward – the cat then simply KNOWS the point at which the liquid will fall back down, clamping its jaw down before that happens. Yummy yummy milk in a dish! NOTE I like how in the graphic, the source is cited as “Science.” – Thanks to Elizabeth for the tip!

[Via The New York Times]

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