Subway Lets You Pay For Your Sub With A Phone

You know I'm not really getting the whole craze behind paying for things with your mobile phone. It sounds cool, but I always have my wallet on me and my phone so paying with one is just as good as paying with the other in my book. Moreover, when I use my wallet, I don't have to put money into weird accounts to use with my phone.

If you like the idea of paying with your mobile phone, like sandwiches, and live in California you can hop over to Subway and pay for your food with FaceCash. FaceCash is a mobile phone payment service that lets you pay for your sub in all Subway locations in California with your phone.

You have to set up a FaceCash account if you want to use the payment method and put money into the account. The FaceCash app is available on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices. Other devices can use the service through a web browser.