The Remote-Controlled Pool Skimmer

Tired of cleaning your pool? Well this isn’t quite as nice as having your own personal pool boy, but the Remote-Controlled Pool Skimmer might at least make things a little more entertaining.


The Travel Pocket Well: purifies unsafe water

Summer days for some of us bring trips and vacations of all kinds. For some it means Disney Land and for others it means roughing it out in the wild for a while. Well for those that are going to be out in the middle of nowhere this Pocket Travel Well might be just the thing to take with you on your journey.


The Waterproof lamp looks a little spooky

Looking forward to finally getting to use that pool that has been calling your name all winter? Well many that do enjoy swimming occasionally like to do so at night and this gadget called Waterproof is just the thing for that.


Latest Treos to get OtterBox protection

A quick trawl through the SlashGear archives and you’ll see that OtterBox have already proved their worth in somewhat extreme circumstances, so when they launch a new product we know they mean business.  It’s Vincent’s new Treo 755p that they’ve set their sights on this time, offering up not only a way to keep it safe from dust, spills and, um, falling bricks, but to keep using it at the time.



The Camp Stove Toaster – for all of your summer outings

Is all this warm weather leaving you with dreams of camping and frolicking in the great outdoors? Just be careful out there, all those hours hiding away in your basement probably left you pretty white (Scott Barr), you might want to add a little sunblock. Well this Camp Stove Toaster might make camping a little more convenient for you this summer.


The Dual Hose Programmable Timer

Need to use your hose a lot, but don’t really have time to deal with it? Watering systems are becoming very complicated and this system just adds a little to a simple one. The Dual Hose Programmable Timer could make things a little easier when you are working on your yard.

The timer just attaches to your regular outdoor faucet and actually splits the stream of water. It allows you to have two hoses going at once. The great part is the timer, you can program it to turn on and off whenever you want. You can program it for up to seven days in advance. Which really isn’t necessary for the average Joe but if you have a large garden/yard it might be nice.

It would also be nice for people owning very small farms so that they don’t forget to turn off the faucet when filling up a trough. Trust me, that isn’t pretty. Unfortunately it is a little pricey at $129.95. However, it might be worth it for all the water you save.

Dual Hose Programmable Timer [via coolest-gadgets]

This ‘Solid Poetry’ has a hidden suprise

It’s always nice to have a patio for all of your barbecues. It would seem everyone has them anymore, which might influence some to change theirs up a bit to stand out from the crowd. Well these tiles of concrete could help with just that.

Although the concrete seems plain at first sight, if you stick around to see it rain, it will reveal another side. When this concrete gets wet a cute pattern shows up. In addition to this star pattern I came across a photo of a flowing vine as well. Those are the only two designs I am aware of, but there could be more out there.

These tiles were created as a graduation project and are known as Solid Poetry. If you would like to find pricing you will have to email Frederikmolenschot.

Concrete – Patterened when wet [via coolest-gadgets]

The Sun Pod, bake away all that pretty skin with style

Are you getting frustrated with the sun? Not achieving that skin cancer as early as you would have like? Well now the Sun Pod is here to help.


The Noodlehead Sprinkler

Sprinklers are the one gardening system that haven’t changed a lot in the past 20 years. Yes, the more elaborate designs (aka the expensive ones) have evolved a bit. However, the classic that you attach to your hose isn’t that much different. The Noodlehead Sprinkler adds a great twist to the design a lot of us grew up with.


Moonlight Mushrooms-make your garden glow

Who doesn’t like a glowing garden? Add a couple of special mushrooms and it will glow all night long. No not the recreational kind, these are made out of blown glass. It adds a bit of fun to even the worst garden.


Boys and their toys-the BBQ Train

It would seem that little boys never do get over their obsession with trains, and this would be proof of that. Made by Farmer Grill it measures 103 inches long and the whole shebang come to a total of 560 inches. I’ve heard of having an obsession with your grill but this is taking it a bit far I think. However, I could see how it would be nifty for your restaurant.

Eureka E! Powered Tent – roughing it is redefined

When I think of camping, I think of roughing it. You know, the kind of camping where you have to hike to get to your campsite, and the most high-tech equipment is a flashlight or a lighter. Unfortunately, with today’s “always connected” mentality it’s hard to completely unplug for a weekend getaway.


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