BBC video shows animals attacking in slow motion

BBC, as you may know, has a YouTube channel dedicated to videos about the outdoor world (ones posted exclusively online), and it's called "Earth Unplugged". On Wednesday, the network published a new video that slows time down, giving us an incredible look at animals as they attack. The video is in slow motion, and includes everything from an alligator punching out of the water to a praying mantis grabbing a cricket.

The video, below, takes viewers through several slow-motion Full HD (don't forget to turn up the quality) videos of animals in both captivity and the wild chomping down on all sorts of prey: a water balloon, mouse on a string, celery, a few unfortunate insects. Tongues shoot out, venom squirts through the air, and claws snatch dinner at lightning speed.

Slow motion videos lend an incredible look at the world around us in ways we'd otherwise be unable to see. They're always fun to watch, but in some cases they have also helped researchers solve mysteries, such as discerning how exactly hummingbirds drink.

We've seen some other fascinating slow-motion videos throughout the years. This summer, for example, we spotted a slow motion video of a dry ice bomb exploding under water. If explosions aren't your thing, there's also this video of slow motion skateboarding tricks.