Watch: Slow-motion skateboard trick videos by Adam Shomsky

This afternoon we're kicking back wishing Summer wasn't over, preparing for the oncoming spring with a pack of slow-mo skateboard tricks. These are part of a series of videos called "Skateology", aiming to be informative about ground-level skating. For everyone that's ever done any one of these tricks on their own board, this is your chance to see what you've done in detail. For everyone else – even when you see these tricks done moment-by-moment, they still might seem impossible. There's a reason why skateboarding tricks are so rewarding.

First you'll want to have a peek at a kickflip. Besides the ollie, this is one of the most basic tricks – it looks simple, but it is not. Once you've mastered the basic ollie, you're well on your way to an understanding of the physics of skateboarding in its entirety.

Here we've got a cab heelflip. Heelflip means you're flipping your board with your heel (outward) rather than your toe (inward, called a kick flip), while Cab is short for Caballerial. When you add "Cab" to your trick, it means you're riding fakie (right foot front) and that you're doing a 360-degree turn in the air after you've done an ollie or a nollie. Make total sense?

Next you'll see a backside 180 late kickflip. The "late" bit means you're doing the trick basically at the last moment possible – normally this results in a crash to the ground and many cuts to the face.

Below you'll see a hard flip. This is the same as a kickflip where the board does an single roll – but here the board also spins forward. It's hard to do. It's a hard flip.

For a bit of the ol' grind you'll be seeing a frontside noseblunt slide. Like the clips you're seeing above, these pieces of action were recorded with far more frames per second than your eye normally sees at such a speed – slow. As the wheels remain flat to the surface you're grinding on here, the noseblunt slide requires that you either have a lot of speed or a short distance to grind over.

For more Adam Shomsky slow motion video you'll want to head to his YouTube channel with a search for Skateology. Check out the full lot.

And don't forget the Ollie.

NOTE: We were turned to these videos by Aatish Bhatia from Wired. Writing for Empirical Zeal, Bhatia looked at the basic Ollie video and chopped it up with physics. Understand the extreme detail with Bhatia and see how it helps you, GIF and everything.