Drobo drops 2TB & 4TB NAS prices; adds $50 holiday discount

We’re sizable fans of Drobo’s “intelligent data robot” here at SlashGear – in fact it’s one of the items in our Holiday Gift Guide – and since we’re also sizable fans of cheaper prices it’s a double-win for the company’s latest deal.  Not only have prices on the 2TB and 4TB ready-built NAS’ been permanently cut, there’s also a $50 instant saving on those and the driveless entry-level Drobo.


Drobo 2 sports Firewire 800 ports

Data Robotics announces the availability of its latest version of its storage robot, Drobo 2. The new version of Drobo features two FireWire 800 Ports and newly upgraded core processor.


Drobo NAS gets SDK for UPnP, Linux support and other tweaking

Data Robotics has released an SDK for their Drobo robotic RAID array.  The Drobo, which we reviewed in August last year, attempts to make backup and data redundancy straightforward by automating much of the RAID process; while it initially was intended for connection to a single PC, the company subsequently released a networking component called DroboShare.  With the SDK, Drobo can already be used for UPnP/DLNA media streaming.


Apple Time Capsule Review – Backup Made Easy for Leopard Users

Data backup falls resolutely at the dreary end of the tech-task scale; periodically market researchers release stats showing how few people take the time to safely copy their accumulated files, usually prompting a guilty DVD burning session which never gets repeated. Apple’s Time Capsule, then, was welcomed with excited upon its announcement; with the slick, careful design Apple are renowned for, could they manage to make even backup sexy? To be fair, it’s a pretty huge challenge. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a nicer looking network hard-drive, or one so straightforward to set up, but Time Capsule undoubtedly has its caveats.


DroboShare – Turns your Drobo into NAS

I’m a Drobo user and it is one of the best storage systems I’ve seen today. Drobo is not without shortcoming, it is lack of network storage support. Data Robotics has stepped up to fix that by introducing DroboShare, an add-on for Drobo that adds NAS capability to the unit.


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