Brother SV-100B A4 document reader

Brother SV-100B A4 document reader

Brother Japan have announced a "document reader", the SV-100B, intended for displaying ebooks and technical documentation.  The Brother SV-100B, unlike other ebook readers like the Amazon Kindle 2 or Pixelar E-Reader, has an LCD rather than e-ink display, measuring 9.7-inches and running at 1,200 x 825 150dpi resolution.

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Brother introduces two new green printers

Brother introduces two new green printers

Brother has long been a trusted brand in printing technology and their latest printers continue that tradition. In fact, the HL-4040CDN and the MFC-9450CDN all-in-one printer models are actually much greener than previous models and help you save energy and resources.

Both printers use an automatic duplex printing feature. This makes it so the amount of paper you use is lessened and it allows you to print on both sides of paper. The models do differ, however. the HL-4040CDN features a max print quality of 2400 x 600dpi, 21ppm print speeds and more. You can get this model this month for about $400.

The MFC-9450CDN model on the other hand, features a 21 ppm print speed, a copy speed of 17 ppm and a max print resolution of 2400 x 600. It also has an Ethernet port and USB 2.0 ports. This model will ship in January for about $650.

SlashGear at CeBIT: Stressed? Take it out on your Brother

I’m not sure if Vincent has had a bad experience in the past with a Brother printer, or if he just enjoys seeing a lady pummelling inflatables, but what I do know is that his cries of “harder! harder!” will likely haunt my dreams tonight.

Reports that this is a new USB teleconferencing accessory designed to recreate that “punch the boss in the nose, that dumb schmuck” moment for off-site workers have so far failed to provoke comment from Brother’s PR department. Similarly rumours of an inflatable chair version with Steve Ballmer branding are yet to be confirmed.

Brother’s New MPrint MW-260 Handheld Printer

Forget about finding the nearest Kinkos when you urgently need to print something while on the go. The MPrint line of handheld printers from Brother along with a trusty notebook or Windows Mobile handheld will insure you’re always prepared to print wherever you are. Brother’s latest MPrint device is the MW-260, which can handle a larger paper size of A6 rather than the A7 of previous models. At a maximum 300dpi resolution, the tiny printer can pump out an impressive 20 black and white pages per minute.

And with the ability to connect via Bluetooth, IR, or USB, you wont have the hassle of carrying around additional cables. This handheld printer is set to release first in Japan during March 2007 and then soon after in North America. There is no word yet on pricing.

Brother updates with larger mobile printer
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