Brother AirScouter projects 16-inch screen right on your eyeball

I have tried out some of those video glasses before that are supposed to be able to simulate a big screen. The downside is that those glasses look dorky when you wear them and you can't see anything that is going on around you. Brother has unveiled a new device that is called the AirScouter that is a new take on video glasses.

The things do nothing to fix the dorky looks of what we already have access too, but they are unique in that you can still see what's going on around you. The classes have clear lenses and a small projector shines the images directly onto your eyeball. The thing is a prototype Retinal Imaging Display.

The images projected directly onto your retina simulate a 16-inch screen viewed for about three feet away according to the maker. The tech came from the Brother printer tech for laser and ink jet printers. The AirScouter will be launched in Japan for industrial uses like overlaying manuals on machinery. That is pretty cool and I could see a market for this thing in the DIY realm for folks that like to fix things themselves. Nothing like step-by-step directions clipped to your eyeball.

Via Engadget