Brother introduces batteries that charge by vibration

Shane McGlaun - Jul 16, 2010, 5:20 am CDT
Brother introduces batteries that charge by vibration

I always think of printers where I hear the name Brother. The company makes a lot more than that though and it has unveiled some new batteries in AA and AAA sizes that have some cool new tech.

The batteries are powered by a small generator that can create energy from vibrations. The battery and generator are two separate devices that connect via a thin wire. The company says that if you use the battery inside a remote control you could create the power needed to use the remote by shaking it back and forth.

The battery is designed to power a device that doesn’t need power constantly and has a power consumption of about 100mW. Inside the case of the generator is an induction generator and a double layer electric capacitor with a capacitance of about 500mF. There is no word on when this tech might make it to market.

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