Brother AiRScouter AR retina scanning display demonstrated

Chris Davies - Jul 21, 2010, 4:04am CDT
Brother AiRScouter AR retina scanning display demonstrated

Brother has been showing off its latest head-mounted display, and while the Brother AiRScouter can’t exactly be described as discreet, if you could put up with the confused glances the functionality could be pretty handy.  The AiRScouter uses a retinal scanning display, which basically projects a virtual image directly onto the retina.

The idea is, you wear the AiRScouter and have a dynamic projected screen constantly in your vision at all times.  Brother reckon this will be handy for engineers and other people wanting to consult schematics while keeping their hands free, but we’d much rather imagine walking down the road keeping a check on Twitter and our email, together with mapping guidance, without constantly looking down at our smartphones.

Unfortunately this latest model is still just a prototype, which Brother will be demonstrating later in the year.  No word on when we can expect a production version, nor how much it might cost, but having geekily fallen in love with the Kopen Golden-i headset we tried back in February we’re hoping it’s not entirely outside the salary of a humble tech blogger.

[via AV Watch]

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