Brother PocketJet 7: a full-page printer you can carry anywhere

Try as we might to live in a fully digital, paperless world, there is no escaping the need to print out documents every now and then. No problem if you're always in the office or at home where access to a desk printer isn't a big deal. But for a road warrior, that cramps not only style but also mobility. Brother's new PocketJet 7 series wants to do for printers what smartphones and tablets have done for phones and computers. To unhook these devices from their wires.

Brother terms this as its Freedom Architecture, the ability to print any time anywhere and from whatever device, be it IOS, Android, or Windows. The printers support technologies like Apple's AirPrint or Bluetooth via the new Mopria standard. In other words, it covers almost everything. The PocketJet 7 is usable the moment you take it out of the box, ready to print your document in a blink of an eye. There are no messy ink cartridges, dirty toners, or tangling ribbons to get in your way.

Brother is also making available a few accessories to take advantage of the printer's high portability. A special roll case keeps the printer safe with its IP54 rating and drop protection of up to 4 feet. It also boasts of an anti-curl mechanisms that keeps printouts flat. There are also a few kits available that bundle accessories according to a theme. For example, the Vehicle Kit includes a wired car adapter that keeps your printer powered on long drives. Or the Workforce Kit that includes the mentioned roll case.

The Brother PocketJet 7 comes in six models with varying features and connectivity options, ranging from Bluetooth, MFi compatibility, or all the bells and whistles.