SlashGear Weekly Wrap-Up: May 5, 2012

Happy Saturday, everyone. Are you ready to catch up on all the big stories you missed this week? So without question, the biggest story of the week was this - Samsung's Galaxy S III was officially announced. But that's not the only thing we covered. Other big stories hit the waves over the past few days, like - Facebook's IPO has been set at $11.8 billion and Oracle vs Google verdict expected on Monday. Also, after all the excitement about Blackberry 10, existing customers will be disappointed to know that there are no Blackberry 10 upgrade plans for existing phonesFeatured: Here are some of this week's featured stories:Samsung Galay S III event wrap-upBlackberry 10 wrap-upOracle vs Google wrap-upApple, not Amazon, is Microsoft's Nook motivationPrometheus Week: Facehuggers$99 Xbox set to save gaming as we know itEveryone is scared of Amazon, and they should beCTIA 2012 set for SlashGear and Bill Clinton actionOther Stuff: A lot of news was overshadowed by Blackberry 10, Oracle vs Google, and the Galaxy S III this week, but that doesn't mean the other news wasn't important.  here's a few interesting stories for you – AT&T regrets "unlimited data." And moving onto the retail side of things, Walmart is selling the iPhone 4S as low as $114. Also, if you're a gamer, this news is going to blow your mind – The Elder Scrolls Online MMO announced. And in other gaming news, Gaikai partners with Wikipad for world's first gaming tablet.