Oracle vs Google verdict to drop Monday

As it stands today, the jury has delivered note to the judge in the case of Oracle vs Google which says that all but one count has had a unanimous decision made on it. The case at hand has been going on for a little over a week here in the spring of 2012 and has been ramping up for over a year. Google and Oracle are certain to continue this battle with or without a full verdict into the near future as the stakes are so very high they absolutely cannot be denied.

What the jury is likely doing here at the tail end of the week is deciding whether or not they'll be able to decide how Fair Use figures into Google's use of the code Oracle says they were not given permission to use. This is the crux of the case at hand, of course, and as we continue to follow through with the outcome of the case we've got to remind ourselves what could actually happen not just to Oracle and Google, but to the whole rest of the coding world when this is all said and done.

Today's partial verdict announcement by the jury does not include details on what they've decided thus far. Instead the judge has mandated an extra day of deliberation so that the jury might have time to find an answer on the final piece of the puzzle for a full verdict which, as we're sure everyone is hoping, will be delivered on Monday.

Meanwhile be sure to check out our post Oracle vs Google Wrap-up: All Possibilities to see what might end up happening to the future of software here in the first half of 2012. Uncertain standing in the software development world will happen one way or another – should Google find the right to use the codes they're claiming were fair to be used by them or if Oracle is judged to own even the fragments they're today claiming.

[via The Verge]