SlashGear Week in Review - Week 34 2010

Welcome to the latest edition of the SlashGear Week in Review! One of the big topics this week has been the details surfacing about the Apple iTV device that will replace the Apple TV epic fail. Kevin Rose claims that the device will have iAd-supported content and an iPad remote control. Rumors made the rounds early in the week that Apple and Verizon were still working out the details on the iPhone coming to the Verizon network. The question is if the iPhone will come soon or if they will wait for LTE networks to be rolled out.

An email said to be from Steve Jobs has turned up that claims a fix for the iPhone 3G iOS 4 woes will be coming soon. The iOS 4 upgrade has left many owners of early versions of the iPhone with serious issues. We learned early in the week that the Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools were going gold on September 16. That would mean the finishing touches were applied to the tools and they were ready for devs to work with.

A sweet looking case for the iPad surfaced at the FCC that has a Bluetooth keyboard on one side. The case is already available over in the UK and will be here in the US once it gets full clearance. Details on the new SoC powering the latest Xbox 360 consoles surfaced making Microsoft the first to market with a combo CPU/GPU. The SoC used was too powerful so Microsoft artificially hobbled the SoC so its performance will be in line with older Xbox consoles.

Sony unveiled a couple new DSLR cameras this week called the A580 and the A560. Both of the cameras have full HD video recording with the only difference being the A580 has 16.2MP resolution and the A560 gets 14.2MP. Toshiba announced that it would be launching a new 3D TV this year that needs no glasses. The new sets are expected by Christmas and pricing is unknown, but will be in the "thousands of dollars" range.

Samsung has officially teased the Galaxy Tab ahead of IFA 2010. The official details include Android 2.2, 7-inch screen, and video call functionality. Rumors are circulating that part of the new iTV device will be 99 cent TV episode rentals. That would be great instead of having to buy them as you do on the Apple TV device now.

Canon whipped out its new DSLR camera called the EOS 60D this week. The camera has 18MP resolution along with full HD video recording capability and in-camera RAW editing. IBM whipped out a new CPU this week called the z196 that was able to break the 5.2GHz threshold. The blazing fast CPU could be crazy expensive with a price tag possibly in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range.

A self-proclaimed dork named Harrison Krix has built one awesome DIY M8 Avenger replica from Mass Effect. Krix used wood and some paint to make the replica weapon. With the Apple event set for next week lots of speculation is circulating about what will be unveiled. Some of that speculation is that Apple will be unveiling iTunes online. The service would make it easy to link music info on social networks and would be browser-based.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has had its inevitable iPad comparison made. The comparison even comes with its own video for you to peruse. LG has announced that it will start making some interesting new E-paper displays by the end of the year. Among those new displays will be 9.7-inch color e-paper screens along with a 19-inch flexible e-paper display.

We know that the Apple event next week will have new iPods; it's that time of year. New cases for the next generation iPods have surfaced that give us some hints at what the new devices will be like. A pic of the new Viewsonic Android ViewPad tablet has surfaced. It has a 7-inchs screen and looks a lot like the iPad to me.

Blockbuster Video is set to enter into a pre-planned bankruptcy that is looking to shed $920 million in debt. Blockbuster will also use the bankruptcy to break the lease on about 500 to 800 of its retail locations around the country. A cool new case for the iPhone 4 surfaced that makes the iPhone a dual-SIM device. The case will make it easy to get your device onto other networks and it's cheap too at under $29. Thanks for reading this week's edition!